About Las Perlas

Las Perlas has looked for and found the true gems among the hotels in Andalucia!

What is Las Perlas?
Las Perlas is a clear and user-friendly hotel reservations website with a varied database of stunning, no regular hotels in Southern Spain.
On this site we offer you the opportunity to plan an unforgettable stay in Andalucia, whatever your budget is.

Who are we?
We are Karin de Graaf, Wilbert Jorna and our son Sander and we decided to pack up and leave busy and cold Holland to settle in amazing Andalucia. We sold our home and company and we have meanwhile built a thoroughly enjoyable life in the Andalusian countryside surrounded by sunshine, awesome nature, lots of space, rich culture and very friendly people. Andalucia is so much more than just sun, sea and sand!

Why Las Perlas?
On our many visits to the area in preparation for our actual move from the Netherlands to settle here, we found that Andalucia has a great number of truly amazing hotels to suit any budget.
But experience has also taught us that these wonderful hotels are not always easy to find, and even less so when you are thousands of miles away.
And this is exactly how a great idea was born; we started looking for those gems and launched the Las Perlas website!

How do we work?
Every hotel you can book on this website is visited unannounced by us in person. We look with a critical eye to the hotel and judge in detail. When walking around we always keep two things in mind; is this hotel distinguished enough and is it highly recommended for our clients. We also ask ourselves, do we wish to stay here?
Furthermore, Las Perlas is independent, hotels do not pay us to be published on our website.

Where do we pay attention to?
The atmosphere and appearance of a hotel. But also important are location, the surroundings, the building, the maintenance of the building, quality of the rooms, the hygiene. And last but not least, the hospitality and friendliness make the difference between a regular hotel and a Las Perlas hotel
Only when the general perception makes us enthusiastic, the hotel will be published on this website.

Is a booking via Las Perlas more expensive than direct?
No. Rates and other prices listed on our website are the exact same as charged by the hotels, or even lower. We also publish special offers on our website and from time to time we even have special offers which are solely for clients of Las Perlas.
Also important to know; making a booking through our website is free of charge.

Why book through Las Perlas?
• Las Perlas offers a varied and attractive hotel selection for different budgets
• Personal attention as well as customized advice towards your specific situation and preferences
• Active support and assistance, also in arranging original round trips
• Communication in your own language
• Trusted and regular contact person
• The use of the booking service of Las Perlas is free of charge
• Prevent hours of searching to a great hotel, Las Perlas did the job for you and collected the real gems on this website
• Quality control, after receiving more negative criticism about a listed hotel we will end the relationship with this hotel
• Local knowledge of the area

And finally: all the ingredients for a pleasant stay in Andalucia can be found on our website, whatever your preferences. From outdoor activities to culinary delights, from fascinating art and culture to breathtaking nature, and from a hole in one to sun and sand!

In short, Andalucia is a varied destination, with or without kids.
Experience also why we enjoy ourselves so much here!

Bienvenidos y Hasta Pronto!

Karin de Graaf
Wilbert Jorna
Founders Las Perlas